An Open Letter to Donald Trump

The Christian Conservatives Network

Dear Mr. Trump,

I, like many Americans, welcomed you into the foray of this years political race. We were fair, we were open-minded, we were even excited for your campaign, although , truth be told, we probably all had our concerns.

Seventeen candidates took the stage in the early debates. Nearly every conceivable demographic was represented. The party that had long been demonized by the Liberal Media as rich, white racists had changed. The GOP was the party of diversity. We seemed to be breaking the stereotypes!

The Liberal media attacked you immediately, calling you a narcissistic clown, a joke, a bankrupted billionaire that feasted on the weak, an orange spray-painted buffoon  and we took up for you. We defended you. We brought you into our homes and some even brought you into their hearts. We were, after-all, on the same side , right? Divisions between the GOP Establishment and…

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