Donald Trump Faces A Real Interviewer For Once

Leon Wolf thinks that Donald Trump was destroyed in this interview. I agree that Trump comes across poorly. Indeed, worse than poorly: He comes across as a demented, lying fool who has absolutely no clue what he is talking about. But that’s different from saying that an interview such as this will in any way hurt him. It appears that the vast majority of Trump supporters really don’t care what he says, but just want to see everyone else in the world get hosed. This puts them on moral and intellectual thin ice, but in the age of reality TV, morality and intelligence no longer seem important. Sadly, the consequences for their foolishness in supporting this fraud are much greater than the consequences of who wins The Bachelor or Dancing With The Stars. Paul said, “Blessed is the one who does not condemn himself by what he approves.” (Romans 14: 22) If this is the measure God uses, can we not say, after listening to this interview, that Trump supporters are accursed?

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