David French

[W]hat I do see with my own eyes is a combination of unreasoning anger, entitlement, and indifference to truth. I’m a “politics is downstream from culture” guy, and I believe it’s dangerous to embrace destructive social movements in the name of winning elections. People I care about are supporting Trump because he “pisses the right people off” or he “kicks ass” — and by their own admission they just don’t care that he lies habitually and repeatedly or knows virtually nothing about foreign policy, the economy, or the Constitution. They just want to “burn it all down.”

As for those who think Trump actually knows what he’s doing, it’s frankly bizarre to see neighbors who mocked “hope and change” and gleefully shared a famous YouTube of a woman talking about how Obama’s election would mean that she wouldn’t have to worry about paying her mortgage taking it on faith that Trump’s going to “make America great again” and keep our jobs safe. It’s two sides of the same coin, and both sides are bad for America.

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