Dan McLaughlin

Maybe the biggest of all the divides in the pro-Trump and anti-Trump electorates is this – Trump’s supporters are not embarrassed by him. They mostly think he is either doing the things a leader is supposed to do, and/or putting on an entertaining act. But among normally persuadable Republicans and the 60% of Republicans who opposed Trump in the primary, sure, some just liked another candidate or didn’t think he was the best shot to win, but quite a lot felt that palpable feeling that they could not respect themselves or their party if they voted for this guy – that the only respectable way to deal with “Donald Trump for President” was to disassociate yourself entirely. Certainly that’s the case among the white collar/college educated/suburban type of Republican. I don’t need to rehash here all the reasons for that feeling (yesterday’s Cinco de Mayo tweet is but a small example), but it tends to increase with exposure to Trump, and Trump will be ubiquitous for the next six months, doing the same Trump things that already turn off so many people. That may seem to some extent like class-based tribalism, but class-based tribalism is what attracts Trump’s supporters, so they can’t well complain that it also repels his critics. Unless Trump can make #NeverTrump people comfortable with the idea that he is not embarrassing them or playing them for fools, he’s going to make it really easy to sustain resistance.

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