Ace of Spades

You can read Trump in two different ways. You can see his bluster and lack of any policy knowledge as refreshing. You can see his hyperpersonal style and enormous ego as somehow “authentic.”

On the other hand, you can see a guy who’s entire life is devoted to persuading people to get into business with him. A salesman, trying to make a sale. And you can start to see that the salesman really has no interest in his actual product, and no real intent to abide by the terms of the contract. A salesman who is just willing to say whatever he needs you to say to sign the dotted line — and who will decide on a case-by-case basis whether or not to abide by those contract terms, should they become inconvenient later.

The thing is, while I can’t make anyone see this way, I can tell you I went from being a Type 1 person to a Type 2 person. I would waver between these views of Trump, but then eventually I was won to the Type 2 way of seeing things, and now that I see it, I can’t not see it.

So that’s what happened with me. Now, when people talk about the Wall and stuff to me, I just sort of shrug — I have no real sense Trump intends to do any of that. It’s a sales pitch, he’s saying what he thinks what I want to hear, but after I sign the contract, he’ll observe it as he deems fit.

And I sense he craves popularity, so I sense he’ll do the things that increase his popularity. The wall’s controversial, and I don’t see him being able to give a compelling case for it to make it popular.

Oh, he’ll make some desultory efforts. Like his desultory efforts to even read Sessions’ Immigration Plan.

And then he’ll just abandon it, as he’s abandoned many of his ventures.

People keep saying he’s a fighter, but what is fighting for? Is he actually spending any time to make a convincing case on immigration?

Or is he just fighting for himself?

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