Mollie Hemingway on Trump

My opposition, by the way, is based on his policy positions more than anything. I don’t like his narcissism or deception, but the same could be said of many other politicians, so he’s not tremendously special in that regard. I don’t like the way he treats other humans, but the same could be said of most other politicians. I’m a constitutionalist who cares about virtue. Trump is simply not my guy.

A friend I encountered the next night started talking about who was to blame for Trumpism. What impressed me was her willingness to talk about how her work at conservative institutions may have been to blame. Did they set expectations too high about what was possible? Did they get people so interested in legislative minutiae that it made it difficult to pass legislation?

For my part, I wondered if my hatred of the Republican Party’s impotence and incompetence and stated desire to see it destroyed may have been a tad overwrought. (It was completely overwrought.)

Noonan wants Republican elites and those who enabled them to take their hefty share of the blame. They haven’t even begun to do so. Never mind that the vast majority of those elites have signed on with Trump, leaving only principled conservatives in their not-on-the-bus wake. But even conservatives need to explain — calmly, repeatedly, and with some effort at actually communicating with average Americans — why Trump is outside the bounds in ways that George W. Bush wasn’t.

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