Trump Using A White Supremacist Meme Disqualifies Him For President:

hillary_trump_tweetThe Star of David imagery would fly over the head of most people, offering Trump a veneer of deniability. The problem is that this image was stolen from a internet thread (that has since been deleted) on a racist alt-tight website–even if the image does not appear to speak to a racist agenda to me, it certainly does to the person who created it and to the people who are passing it around. Ignore or make excuses for Trump’s behavior all you want, but he is quickly turning the GOP into the party of old white men–a sure loser in all elections from here on out. Not that I’m sad about this at all. Any party that has Trump as its nominee deserves to die a painful death. But where does that leave people who still believe in right and wrong? Who do they vote for and support?


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