California Sets Its Sights on Stamping Out Religious Education. Actually, they are merely trying to deny funding for any institution that disagrees with the state on sex and marriage. While I am sympathetic to the religious institutions involved, a better question is why any Christian institution accepts public funds to begin with. My own seminary refused to accept money from, for example, Pell Grants for associate degree students. While many students complained about this, the seminary reasoned that any acceptance of public funds, even if that money was ostensibly for the student, would put the seminary under potential government supervision, and for this reason they refused to have any part of it. I think they got that just right. Other seminaries and religious seem to agree, as they also refuse any kind of public money.

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  1. imbackat10 says:

    Hello John,

    I’m a subscriber and regular reader and I’m just curious: Where did you do your seminary studies? I have a father and grandfather who were Pastors, a sister, plus 2 uncles who were all involved in full-time Christian work/ministry.

    I agree with your posit: Why would any Christian school accept government funds in the first place?!

    California is becoming a waste-land in many respects these days!

    Peter Olney

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