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Quote Of The Decade

Mark Steyn, in an article about Barack Obama’s patriotism and love of Christianity, quotes Theodore Dalrymple: In my study of communist societies, I came to the conclusion that the purpose of communist propaganda was not to persuade or convince, nor … Continue reading

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China’s Glorious New Internet Censorship Theme Song

In case anyone still has doubts about how bat guano crazy the government of mainland China is, this new song–a paean to Internet censorship–was introduced on Chinese TV for the Chinese New Year’s Spring Festival celebration. In case you are … Continue reading

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The ISIS Air Force?

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Scott Walker’s First Ad For President: “Our American Revival”

Walker comes across personally as a little wooden and boring, but overall this is a great ad and a great message. Compared to Rick Perry, Walker is certainly more impressive. Perry makes a lot of claims about his role in … Continue reading

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What Kinds Of Food Are The Candidates Serving?

Imagine for a moment, that the political candidates were restauranteurs. What kind of fare would they be offering us? Such an exercise is more interesting than merely judging them by their platforms, as so often this does not really encapsulate … Continue reading

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A Bad Lip Reading of The NFL 2015

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Medieval Armor, For Cats And Mice

No, this armor is not for real. Rather, Canadian artist Jeff de Boer became interested in making human armor as art-pieces. It follows that if humans need armor for warfare, cats should need armor as well. And if cats need … Continue reading

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