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Transgender Teacher Gets $60k After Co-Workers Won’t Call Her ‘They’. First thought: If someone wants to be called “they”, it can only be because they are Legion. Second thought: “It” is preferable. Third thought: All joking aside, it and Oregon … Continue reading

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Social Justice Warriors At Oberlin Don’t Know Anything About Ethnic Food

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At some point, for the Western elite class, the acquisitive dreams of the past become the banalities of the present, as luxury cars, penthouses, and vacation homes only remind the guilty how blessed they are, whether through inheritance, the power … Continue reading

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What Each State Googles More Than Any Other

A real estate company, Estately, used Google Trends in attempt to find what people in each state google more than people in other states. The results were interesting, to say the least. The map above merely shows the top query … Continue reading

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“Don’t Forget Your Umbrella!”–Old Tokyo Subway Posters

Here are some posters from the Tokyo subway that were in use between 1976 and 1982. The meaning of some of these posters is obvious, while others would give even a Japanese person a pause. I lived in Tokyo during … Continue reading

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The Terrifying, Rooster-Helmeted Warriors Of 16th Century Augsburg

According to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, this helmet dates from about 1530, and is probably from Augsburg, Germany. Be afraid. Be very, very afraid. (H/t Boing Boing) Related articles Chicken Helmet

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A Map Of American Ancestry, By County

This is cool. It is a map of the US, showing where the majority of people claim to be from in each county. The map is based upon data collected in the US 2000 Census (they were not allowed to … Continue reading

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