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What Can One Dollar Buy Around The World?

(H/t The Blaze) In my neighborhood in Japan, one dollar can buy 5 ounces of raw pasta, about 2 ounces of raw rice, a bottle of water, 1/4 cup of coffee, or a small candy bar.

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Poverty In America Versus Poverty Everywhere Else

The Heritage Foundation has a fascinating new article which uses US Census data to explore the nature of poverty in America. While the article should be read in full, for the moment let us just focus on the following graph. … Continue reading

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No, China Is Not Surpassing The US As The World’s Number One Economy This Year (UPDATED)

Today’s headline in the Financial Times declares, “China poised to pass US as world’s leading economic power this year”.  This headline is misleading, however, as deep in the article, it notes that it is using the gross GDP as adjusted … Continue reading

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America: Where Work Is Punished …

… and opportunity is disappearing. Zero Hedge has posted two charts that tell us all we need to know about the state of the US labor force today:

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Did FDR End Or Extend The Depression?

Related articles FDR and the New Deal Did FDR’s policies help or prolong the Great Depression? 80 Years Ago FDR Ordered The Confiscation Of Americans’ Gold

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The Obama Era and the Zero-Sum Worldview (Reposting)

A zero-sum game is a game where there must be a winner and there must be a loser. Better yet–a zero-sum game is a game where one person’s winning necessarily entails another person’s losing. Imagine a pie. For one person … Continue reading

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The Fiscal Cliff Explained

This is by far the best illustration I’ve seen of the current budget crisis: (H/t David Voth) Related articles Shameful: Senate fiscal cliff deal raises deficit $4 trillion over 10 years… Fiscal-Cliff Kabuki Nears Final Scene CBO: Senate Fiscal Cliff … Continue reading

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