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“Heard It Through The Grapevine”–Marvin Gaye A Capella Version

Someone was able to isolate the vocal of Marvin Gaye singing “I Hear It Through The Grapevine” from the other tracks. They then paired it with one of his TV performances.  The result is absolutely bone-chilling. This man could sing. … Continue reading

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Do You Know How To Kiss A Girl? (1911)

(H/T History in Pictures) Related articles How to kiss a girl in 1911 Detailed instructions on how to kiss a girl from 1911 [Amusing]

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Ronald Reagan Punches Out James Dean

These are highlights from the live CBS broadcast of “The Dark, Dark Hours”, from December 12, 1954. The punch comes near the end of the video. Apart from mumbling too much and at times overacting, Dean does a creditable job. … Continue reading

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Portable Music In The 1950s

I wonder how many young people have even seen a record player? (H/t Retronaut)

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A Confession: I Love Horse

For some reason, a post I wrote almost two years ago has suddenly gone viral. The post is called “Designer Makes Women’s High Heels From Horses’ Hooves” about Iris Schieferstein and her predilection for using animal parts in her designs for … Continue reading

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America’s First Tastes Of The Beatles

According to popular legend, the first time the Beatles appeared on American TV was on the Ed Sullivan Show in February 1964, nearly exactly fifty years ago. This is not exactly true. The Beatles were shown on American TV at … Continue reading

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“The US Soldier In Japan”, 1957 Army Film

This 1957 film made by the US Army is a real jewel. This does not really present a true picture of the US military in Japan during that era. My father came to Japan while on R & R from … Continue reading

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