Ben Shapiro: How Could a Trump Presidency Go Wrong? Let’s Count the Ways

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The Army Is Bringing Back a 70-Year-Old Gun for New Fights: The M3 Carl Gustav will be issued to infantry troops.

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State Dept. IG: Clinton violated rules with private server, did not cooperate with investigation

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Japanese leader lashes out at Obama over ‘despicable’ murder case

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Turns Out American Sniper Chris Kyle Was A Bigger Hero Than Previously Though

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Dennis Prager made an impassioned plea for conservatives to support Donald Trump because there was a chance he might be better than Hillary Clinton. To this, David French gave a masterful reply, which should be read in full. Here are some of his reasons why Trump should never be let close to the White House:

Just as there is some chance that Trump will get a few answers right, there is also a chance that he will get other answers catastrophically wrong. In other words, there’s a chance that he actually meant what he said when he:

1. Threatened to default on federal debt;

2. Threatened trade wars that could plunge the economy into recession;

3. Threatened to order the military to commit war crimes;

4. Threatened to undermine the First Amendment;

5. Threatened to implement government health care;

6. Threatened to blow up NATO; and

7. Threatened to use Exxon to defeat ISIS.

And, sadly, that’s just a partial list of actual policy suggestions from the presumptive GOP nominee. Others include advocacy for touchback amnesty, pledges to bar even Muslim allies from American shores (we’ll block even the Kurds?), and newfound support for tax increases. All of them are dreadful, some of them treasonously so.

Balanced also against these negative chances are a number of terrible certainties. It is certain that he is dishonest, ignorant of foreign and domestic affairs (and often even of basic civics), and deals in the most vicious personal attacks. Add these things together, and he’s not just a ticking time bomb — he’s a walking impeachment risk.

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Transgender Teacher Gets $60k After Co-Workers Won’t Call Her ‘They’.

First thought: If someone wants to be called “they”, it can only be because they are Legion.

Second thought: “It” is preferable.

Third thought: All joking aside, it and Oregon state labor commissioner Brad Avakian (yes, that Bard Avakian) need to get their heads examined.

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