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But if you think a strong national defense, strong family values, free-market economics, and respect for the rule of law only benefit white America, and can only be preserved by them, you’re out of your mind. Try telling the 233,000 … Continue reading

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How The End Will Come

There are many theories as to the end of the world. Some think that we will kill ourselves off in a fiery blaze of uranium-235. Others are worried of asteroids. Still others, worldwide flood. After watching the 2012 election unfold, … Continue reading

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Thomas Friedman: Interest in Sarah Palin is a Sign of the Apocalypse

At least, this is what he said on Meet the Press: (H/t Newsbusters) Yes, it must feel like the Apocalypse to people like Friedman, who belong to the no-longer-permanent political class. Back in 1828, this was exactly how the political … Continue reading

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The End Is Not Near, But It Can Get A Whole Lot Worse

Back when I had easy access to bookstores that sold books in a language I could actually understand (English), I would often buy books on Medieval history. One of my favorites was Barbara Tuchman’s history of 14th century Europe, A … Continue reading

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