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Trump Hasn’t Expanded The GOP: He’s Just Revealed What The GOP Is Really About

Ed Morrissey reflects on surveys reported indicating that by and large Donald Trump hasn’t expanded the GOP, but has merely brought more Republicans into the primary process. This has two rather large, negative implications for the GOP: It means that … Continue reading

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This relates very much to my post about Trump and Archie Bunkerism. The real Archie Bunkers were New Deal supporters. However, as the Federalist points out, the New Deal was born out of racism and nationalism. Since Trump is mimicking … Continue reading

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Trump, the Tea Party, and Archie Bunkerism

In trying to comprehend Donald Trump’s appeal, it is helpful to understand that essentially he is not a conservative, but is an Archie Bunker populist who is appealing to disaffected whites. On the TV show, Archie Bunker was presented as … Continue reading

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