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Photo of the day: The Bund at Night, Shanghai

It is such an iconic scene. In the old days, the Bund was the financial center of Asia–like modern-day Hong Kong, Singapore, and Tokyo combined. However, while Shanghai is now reascending, the Bund today is little more than a museum … Continue reading

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Asia According To Google Autocomplete (Map)

The other day we posted a map of the USA, showing the Google autocomplete results for the question, “Why is [state] so…”. Now, Randal Olsen or Michigan State has published a similar map, but of Asia, using the question, “Why … Continue reading

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“The US Soldier In Japan”, 1957 Army Film

This 1957 film made by the US Army is a real jewel. This does not really present a true picture of the US military in Japan during that era. My father came to Japan while on R & R from … Continue reading

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China From Space At Night: 1992 Versus 2010

The NOAA has posted a film loop of China at night, from 1992 to 2010. Here is their photo from 1992: And here is their photo from 2010: It is interesting to look at the countries surrounding China as well. … Continue reading

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The Thick, Black Theory

My first introduction to the thick, black theory was through the book Thick Face, Black Heart by Chin-Ning Chu, which I read many, many years ago. The book promised to provide ancient Asian secrets to success, and had recommendations from … Continue reading

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“This underarm hair looks authentic, but actually it’s imitation”

Rocket News 24 has a story about a Japanese study guide called, Non-essential English Vocabulary: Words that will never come up in tests. Here is an excerpt from an interview with the author of this study guide, Mr. Nakayama, “I … Continue reading

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Kyoto Noodle House Serves One Big, Long Udon Noodle

A noodle house called Tawaraya in Kyoto, Japan serves udon soup with a noodle so long and thick that only one noodle is used per bowl. We usually do not report on noodle shops, but this photo makes us so … Continue reading

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