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Tokyo Moves (Video)

This is a great video of the city of Tokyo, produced by Pat Leezy: (H/t Japan Probe) Advertisements

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Photo of the Day: Bicycle Taxis, Malacca, Malaysia

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Does the Obama Administration Know America’s Allies From Its Enemies?

Two separate items from this week indicate that it probably does not. First, we have US Defense Secretary Leon Panetta speaking at a shipyard in Groton, Connecticut as he toured a new navy submarine which is nearing completion: We face … Continue reading

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Obama Thinks Hawaii is in Asia (Doesn’t He Realize It is One of the 57 States?)

This is Barack Obama bloviating at the APEC presser: He starts poorly and goes downhill from there. His rhetoric about sharing the burden and not letting the politically well-connected profit from things is mind-numbing in its mendacity and stupidity. In … Continue reading

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Photo of the day: Abakh Hoja Mausoleum, Kashgar, Xinjiang, China

The Hojas were Muslim missionaries who came to China from what is now Uzbekistan in the 17th century. Though this tomb was built for Yussup Hojah, it is named after his son, Abakh, who is is also buried here. Abakh … Continue reading

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Photo of the day: Emin Mosque and Minaret, Turpan, China

This eighteenth century structure was built in an architectural style usually seen in Afghanistan. However, it is located on the edge of the Taklamakan Desert, deep within China. Talking about hot–I’ve been to Turpan twice, and both times the average … Continue reading

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Photo of the day: View from a Bridge, Heian Jingu, Kyoto

Heian Jingu is a large Shinto shrine in Kyoto. Like most Shinto shrines, there is nothing much to see there. However, there is a nice garden behind the shrine which is worth a stroll. This photo was taken from a … Continue reading

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