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Archaic British Words For Rain

This is from a collection of words for rain once used in Suffolk, England. Charming. Absolutely charming. (H/t lewisheriz via cinnamon_carter) Of course, down in Texas we used to talk about gully washers and turd floaters. Not quite as charming, … Continue reading

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London School Bans Students From, Like, Using Slang

Harris Academy in London has banned its students from using common slang. Signs are posted throughout the school, warning students that they had better mind their tongue and use proper English. We woz gonna let this slide, ‘cept they made … Continue reading

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Shakespeare, As His Plays Were Originally Pronounced

Forgive us as we delve deep into our private passions, but this video on Shakespeare is simply wonderful. In it, linguist David Crystal and his son, actor Ben Crystal, show how the works of Shakespeare were originally pronounced, and explain … Continue reading

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Do Roads Without Rules Lead To Greater Chaos, Or Greater Care?

This was a key question facing the town of Poynton, England. Though it is a small town, it sits at the junction of two important motorways. Traffic was choking the town center to the extent that residents had an easier … Continue reading

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Even though I have never been to Britain, I am pretty much an Anglophile. And as an Anglophile, one of the most stirring songs I know is “Jerusalem”. Since it is a homage to England, perhaps most Americans have never … Continue reading

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The Most Inappropriate Christmas Card Ever?

This Christmas card was found in the archives of the Conservative Party at Oxford University in England: On the cover of the card is of course a photo of Chamberlain with Hitler, upon the signing of a “peace pact” in … Continue reading

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