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Japanese Sign: “Do Not Dumb Here, Not Dumb Area Here”

It actually says: “Don’t throw your garbage here”, but the English translation seems so much more profound. (H/t Phineas Fahrquar) Advertisements

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Shakespeare, As His Plays Were Originally Pronounced

Forgive us as we delve deep into our private passions, but this video on Shakespeare is simply wonderful. In it, linguist David Crystal and his son, actor Ben Crystal, show how the works of Shakespeare were originally pronounced, and explain … Continue reading

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Introducing The “Tom Sawyer” Project

We have started our own publishing house–Provizo Publishing! In doing so, we have no money, no venture capital, and no real ability to market what we produce. All we have is faith that we are doing the right thing, a … Continue reading

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“This underarm hair looks authentic, but actually it’s imitation”

Rocket News 24 has a story about a Japanese study guide called, Non-essential English Vocabulary: Words that will never come up in tests. Here is an excerpt from an interview with the author of this study guide, Mr. Nakayama, “I … Continue reading

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The Longest Word In The English Language Takes 3 1/2 Hours To Pronounce

Actually, it is reputed to be the longest word in any language, and not just English. It is the technical name for titin, which is a human protein that helps with the elasticity of muscles. Here is Dmitry Golubovskiy (CEO … Continue reading

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BBC’s “Americanisms”–Are they really Americanisms, and is “Americanism” even a word?

Yes, there is such a term as “Americanism”. It refers to a word in the English language that originated in America and not Britain. Most, if not all, Brits look down on Americanisms as though these words were vulgarisms. Indeed, … Continue reading

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How to Pronounce English Words in Chinese

This is cute. It is from a Chinese TV show. The mother is quizzing her daughter using English flashcards, while the daughter is answering using a fractured Chinese pronunciation of the English words. The subtitles show what they are actually … Continue reading

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