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Progressive Ron Fournier Loses Hope In His Messiah: “This Is the End of the Presidency”

Progressive journalist Ron Fournier appears to have lost hope in his chosen messiah. In an article for the National Journal, he bewails “the End of the Presidency”: Claiming a mandate he never had, the newly reelected president foisted a bold … Continue reading

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Failing Upward

I must confess some bitterness. I have suffered some reversals in my career recently, in large part because I apparently do my job too well. My General Manager told me outright that he was promoting another man over me and … Continue reading

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Learning a Dog Not to Suck Eggs–America, Liberalism, and Obama

I wrote this three years ago. After the 2012 election defeat, this post is even truer now than it was when it was written. —————————– Back when most Americans lived on farms, one common problem was a farm dog that … Continue reading

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“Democrat Men For Romney” (Video)

The Obama campaign has now released a video called “Republican Women For Obama“, purporting to feature women who have been lifelong Republicans but who have just now come to their senses and realized that the Republican Party is evil. True … Continue reading

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Photo Of The Year

(H/t Richard Brookhiser)  

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WSJ Chief Economist: 75% of Obamacare Costs Will Fall on Backs of Those Making $120K or Less

Apart from concerns about statism and the growth of the federal government, the main reason to be against Obamacare is economic. It is such a poorly conceived idea and poorly written law that it has already hamstrung the US economy, … Continue reading

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Obama: “Elections are always tight when your name is Barack Hussein Obama”

So, white people are all racists. Huh. That’s why Barack Obama won the 2008 election by four points in 2008, getting 365 electoral votes to John McCain’s 173 electoral votes. Indeed, Obama won a larger percentage of the vote in … Continue reading

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