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Selective Outrage

Today, a friend posted a long rant against Israel on Facebook because Israel had bombed Syria. All of his points were good and true. Funny thing, though: He did not rant when Syria used chemical weapons against its own people, … Continue reading

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Does Dangerous Anthropological Global Warming Exist?

Professor Robert Carter has a long and quite good article on global warming over at the American Institute for Technology and Science Education. His main thesis is that without a doubt CO¬≤ can cause a small rise in lower-atmospheric temperature, … Continue reading

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White House Data Debunks Myth Bush Cuts Built Deficit

Whenever in the past this blog did a post talking about how lower taxes spurred economic growth and raised government revenue during the Reagan and Bush administrations, liberal trolls would always add comments claiming that the economic recovery during the … Continue reading

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Sandy Is Obama’s Katrina

While Obama is out raising money and doing campaign stops, Staten Island is dying: (H/t The Blaze) George W. Bush was crucified by the Democrats and the press because of the poor federal response to Hurricane Katrina. Indeed, even Obama … Continue reading

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The Problem With Progressives? They Can’t Read Simple English

This blog often gets comments from liberals, leftists, progressives, the deluded–use your own choice of terms. We do not post most of these, simply because we find them tedious and ill-informed. It would help if trolls actually read the posts … Continue reading

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Unpatriotic Debt

On July 3, 2008, Barack Obama criticized George W. Bush for the national debt, saying that it was unpatriotic to owe so much money to China: It is true that in eight years Bush added $4 trillion to the national … Continue reading

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Obama’s Executive Power Hypocrisy

In the New York Times, Ross Douthat points out that Barack Obama’s main criticisms of George W. Bush had to do with a perceived overreach of executive power: WHEN George W. Bush was president of the United States, it was … Continue reading

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