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Graphic Of The Year: The Price Of Hamas’ Tunnels

Say what you will about the Israeli response to Hamas and the attack on Gaza, there is is still something very, very wrong when the elected leaders of a people prioritize building terrorist tunnels to attack their neighbors over feeding … Continue reading

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From The White House Website: A Day In The Life Of Obama

Crisis on the borders, terrorists seizing uranium, Iraq in flames, Israel under attack, the economy in tatters, and this is what the White House posted on its front page today: It should not take a rocket scientist to see that … Continue reading

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Selective Outrage

Today, a friend posted a long rant against Israel on Facebook because Israel had bombed Syria. All of his points were good and true. Funny thing, though: He did not rant when Syria used chemical weapons against its own people, … Continue reading

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Jerusalem Gets Eight Inches Of Snow

Yes, it snows in the Holy Land. It does not happen very often, but it does happen. Here is a great photo of Jerusalem and the Temple Mount covered in snow: I love this photo, as it looks like a … Continue reading

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A Picture Of Love

This is a photo of an Israeli mother defending her child with her life, during a red alert siren in Israel. (H/t Peace, Love, Israel) Contrast this to the photo below, of the daughter of Hamas member Muhammad Al-Homs, who … Continue reading

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500 Rocket Fired, 184 Intercepted By Israel’s Iron Dome

The Washington Post reports that About 500 rockets have been fired into Israel over past two days, and 184 have been intercepted by Iron Dome … making it a fairly accurate defense system. “It’s unbelievable, we are very pleased with how … Continue reading

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An IDF Photo You Will Never See On BBC Or CNN

More in the category of news that the MSM refuses to report: Here is a photo of Israeli Defense Force soldiers protecting Palestinian children from rockets indiscriminately fired from Gaza. (H/t Powerline) Related articles Thugs of a Feather: #Anonymous Supports … Continue reading

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