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The US Flag Is Still Flying In One Middle Eastern Country

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Former Pakistani Ambassador To The U.S.: Manipulated Outrage and Misplaced Fury

Former Pakistani Ambassador to the US Husain Haqqani writes in the WSJ that the violence in the Middle East has nothing to do with the anti-Muslim video posted on YouTube, but that Islamists are using the video as an excuse … Continue reading

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China Owns Most of the US Debt, and Other Misconceptions

Many people base their judgements purely on anecdotal evidence, images from TV, and soundbites. For example, most business people or journalists who come to China only visit Shanghai, and so they come away thinking that China is the wealthiest, most … Continue reading

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Benjamin Netanyahu at the UN: The Theater of the Absurd

This is one of the great speeches you will ever hear on conflicts in the Middle East: (H/t Israel Survival Updates) His main points are that Israel wants peace with its neighbors, and has bent over backwards to accommodate Palestinian … Continue reading

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Guess Who Blames 9.11 on America? Ron Paul

Anyone who has taken a close look at Ron Paul’s past statements should have seen this coming. The Des Moines Register reports that Ron Paul places the blame for 9.11 on US policy: Two weeks away from the tenth anniversary … Continue reading

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America is not God’s Covenant Nation–Introduction

For many, many years, the tallest buildings in the world were all in America, and many Americans took great pride in that. No other nation on earth even seemed to want to attempt to build taller buildings. Then, in 1998, … Continue reading

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Let’s Get Real: When Young, Lesbian Bloggers Turn Out To Be Older, Married Men

For the last several months, Amina Arraf has been blogging at A Gay Girl In Damascus, talking about her life as a lesbian in Syria. Think about this for one moment. Is lesbianism legal in Syria? Certainly not. Is lesbianism … Continue reading

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