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The Fifth Casualty Of Benghazi

(H/t Powerline) Related articles Democrat Elizabeth Warren Caught Fundraising Off Of Benghazi Pelosi: “Benghazi, Benghazi, Benghazi! Why aren’t we talking about something else?” Barack Obama’s good little #Benghazi minions. Clift: Ambassador killed in Benghazi attack wasn’t murdered-murdered, or something ‘Making … Continue reading

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Bobby Jindal: “America Didn’t Create Religious Liberty–Religious Liberty Created America” (Video)

Bobby Jindal’s comments on religious liberty come late in the video. He says in part: I think religious liberty is at threat in this country … I think that, from the President’s perspective … it’s almost that he views that … Continue reading

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New White House Push On Obamacare: “Give Your Mom Piece Of Mind”

This was Tweeted by the White House today (I’ve provided a screenshot so it can be preserved for posterity): The link is here. As noted on Powerline, if the Obama administration were made up of Republicans, they would be widely … Continue reading

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The President’s Priorities: The Government Snoops On Churches, But Not Mosques

Here are two news stories that came out this morning. They need no commentary–their juxtaposition really says it all. The first is from the Investor’s Business Daily: The White House assures that tracking our every phone call and keystroke is … Continue reading

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My Expectations Of Privacy

The Supreme Court of the United States has ruled that one has an expectation of privacy for the contents of a letter being sent, but not for the envelope itself. Therefore, the government can examine the envelope without a warrant. … Continue reading

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How Benghazi And Watergate Differ

In no sense is Benghazi the Watergate scandal of the Obama administration. Benghazi is unlike Watergate in that no one was murdered during Watergate. In this sense, Benghazi is much more serious. However, unlike Watergate, there is little evidence that … Continue reading

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Sandra Fluke: Opposing Contraception Coverage Like Opposing Coverage For Leukemia

First, she is incorrect in her description of institutions and companies which fall under the mandate to provide morning after-pills and abortion coverage. Both Bible publishers and Catholic hospitals have been targeted by these rules, because they are not religious … Continue reading

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