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The Photo Obama Forbids Us To Photoshop, Photoshopped

Today, the White House, in an attempt to prove that Barack Obama is a bitter clinger or something, produced this photo of Obama supposedly skeet shooting: It looks more like  Obama firing at a target, but whatever. The photo was … Continue reading

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What The Stars Would Look Like Above Tokyo, Shanghai, And Hong Kong, If You Could Actually See Them

And trust me, you can’t. Not very clearly, anyways. These are the work of French photographer Thierry Cohen. He took photos of famous cities and combined them with photos of the night sky taken at the same latitude, but at … Continue reading

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Incredible Photographs Look Like Traditional Chinese Paintings

These are but a few of the many photos taken by Don Hong-Oai during his long life. Don Hong-Oai was born in Guangzhou in 1929, but spent most of his years in Saigon before fleeing in 1979, and taking up residence … Continue reading

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Mother Cat Stops Traffic, New York, 1925 (Photo)

(H/t Retronaut)

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Mysterious Photos From The Civil War

The Museum of the Confederacy has a large collection of photographs, many collected from Civil War battlefields. Since most of the soldiers who died in the Civil War did not carry identification, the Museum works hard to identify the people … Continue reading

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One Hour At The Airport

(H/t As Seen On The Internet)

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Is What You See Really What You Get?

I found this amazing site recently. It has before and after shots showing how photos have been retouched for ads and magazine covers. The site is run by Glenn C. Feron to market his company’s work. Since they do not … Continue reading

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