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Obama, Trump, and the Oprahfication of America

There are very strong parallels between the phenomenon of Obama in 2008 and 2012, and Trump in 2016. In both cases, by any objective measure, one cannot say that people supported these men based upon policy considerations. Indeed, when one … Continue reading

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South Park Mocks Occupy Wall Street

This is cute: (H/t Bluegrass Pundit) Related articles Inevitable: “South Park” goofs on Occupy Wall Street (hotair.com) Fox News Team Mocks Occupy Wall Street, Swipes At Maddow (huffingtonpost.com) Wall Street Mocks Occupy Wall Street Protesters By Drinking Champagne 2011 (pumabydesign001.wordpress.com) … Continue reading

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“Why Can’t I Get a Job in My Field?”

Rachel is one of the protestors of the Occupy Wall Street movement. Another sign that these protestors simply have no clue. (H/t Camp4U via Instapundit)

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What the Occupy Wall Street Protestors Really Want (Video)

Finally, we have the answer to what these Occupy Wall Street Protesters want. This young man says it all (warning: bad language ahead): (H/t Verum Serum via Ed Driscoll) “We need your help! This is not the way America is … Continue reading

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The Left Doubles Down–Occupy Wall Street, an Understanding President, and Butt Sniffers Galore

It now appears that the so-called Occupy Wall Street protests are being funded and controlled by the unions and possibly the White House. At the very least, President Obama says that he “understands” the protestors and is in sympathy for … Continue reading

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