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God is Pruning the GOP

My opposition to the Clintons and Obama was ultimately moral in nature. Why on earth would I now support someone even more depraved? Why on earth would I support Trump? The GOP was birthed in righteousness as the antislavery, anti-polygamy … Continue reading

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Peter Wehner Refuses To Give Sarah Palin Credit When It Is Due

Peter Wehner writes in Commentary, In an essay for COMMENTARY last year, Michael Gerson and I, writing on how the GOP can revivify itself and increase its appeal, argued that it had to focus on the economic concerns of working-and middle-class Americans, many of … Continue reading

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Can A Social Conservative Win The Swing States In 2016?

Conventional wisdom holds that in order for a Republican presidential candidate to do well in the swing states, he/she must be soft on social issues. But is this true? In fact, there is some evidence that the opposite is the … Continue reading

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ZoNation: “If you can’t even take your own party back, what makes you think you can take the country back?”

This is the inimitable Alonzo Rachel, explaining why a third party is a bad idea. Though I don’t agree with him 100% on his basic thesis, he makes some sound points. A third party should be the last resort. Rather, … Continue reading

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CPAC: Pat Caddell Unloads On Romney, Conservative Consultants, GOP Racketeers

So, we have CPAC, which it seems like half the Republicans in the nation were not invited to, and which a good many conservatives were also not welcomed. At gatherings like this, everyone has their own advice, and when a … Continue reading

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Why Defense Hawks Don’t Fear The Sequestration

Contrary to the latest reports in the state run media, the idea of sequestration did not come from the GOP–it was initiated by the White House. To see why sequestration was proposed and accepted, we need to go back to … Continue reading

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Mark Sanford: Trust Me, We All Make Mistakes!

This is Mark Sanford’s first ad for his new congressional campaign: For those not up to speed, Mark Sanford is the former governor of South Carolina, and was tipped to be a major contender as a social conservative for the … Continue reading

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