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So, Todd Palin gets injured in a snow machine crash, while his wife Sarah is in Florida campaigning for Donald Trump, and Trump decides to make light of Todd’s injuries. Video at the link. There are no words to describe … Continue reading

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Where have you gone, Sarah Palin? The woman who just endorsed Donald Trump is not the rogue conservative I knew in 2008: Over the past eight years, Palin’s influence within the Tea Party has remained strong, but her favorability rating … Continue reading

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Peter Wehner Refuses To Give Sarah Palin Credit When It Is Due

Peter Wehner writes in Commentary, In an essay for COMMENTARY last year, Michael Gerson and I, writing on how the GOP can revivify itself and increase its appeal, argued that it had to focus on the economic concerns of working-and middle-class Americans, many of … Continue reading

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An Anniversary: Our Top Ten Posts For The Last Five Years

This blog is now five years old. Can you believe it? Time really has travelled fast. I started this blog when I was laid up after back surgery in Shanghai, China, and in turmoil because my wife was nine months … Continue reading

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Obama’s Response To The SCOTUS Decisions On Homosexuality?

This is a blast from the past, and patently unfair, but also simply too hard to resist reposting: In truth, Obama always wanted to be Sarah Palin, and now he has the chance.

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90% Of Life Is Just Showing Up–The GOP Didn’t Bother

There will be a whole lot written about the 2012 US presidential election and why Barack Obama won. However, one simple fact sticks out about all else. Here are the vote totals from 2008 compared with the vote totals from … Continue reading

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We Can’t Live In Perpetual Outrage

There are some people who live life in all caps, with multiple exclamation marks following every sentence. Like the pundits on Fox News, they are always shouting, always outraged, and always upset. I cannot live my entire life that way. … Continue reading

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