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Ronald Reagan Punches Out James Dean

These are highlights from the live CBS broadcast of “The Dark, Dark Hours”, from December 12, 1954. The punch comes near the end of the video. Apart from mumbling too much and at times overacting, Dean does a creditable job. … Continue reading

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The Echo Chamber Of Local News Broadcasts (Funny Video)

This video from Conan O’Brien shows more than anything else why the United States has become a nation of morons: For the record, I didn’t buy anything for myself this Christmas, as we hardly had enough money to buy anything … Continue reading

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Weird Japanese Commercials

There are no subtitles of translations for these, but nearly all of them are self-explanatory. Actually, since I grew up on these kinds of TV commercials, I don’t find them weird–just hysterically funny. Oh, and Tommy Lee Jones does a … Continue reading

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Failure, The Most Popular Option Of All

We are, we reluctantly confess, suckers for reality TV–especially contests. We’ve tried to watch dramas, but we simply cannot get through the first five minutes of, for example, CSI: Anaheim (or whatever the latest iteration). It is just too phony … Continue reading

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Yoda Boils Japan in New TV Commercial

This is my monthly Japanese TV fix–a Cup Noodle commercial featuring Yoda. It is in English, sort of: The self-help message is interesting in the light of Japan’s current woes. (H/t Japan Probe) Related articles Yoda is selling Cup Noodles … Continue reading

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Too Hot To Handle: Banned Superbowl Ad

The following ad was rejected by Fox for airing during the Superbowl because it was too controversial. Funny. It seems about as innocuous as one can get. Power Line sees the rejection of the ad as one sign of a … Continue reading

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Chris Matthews: “Egypt has, of course … the Panama Canal”

The real question is, How does a fool like this get on TV to begin with? Yes, he did correct himself after first stating that the Panama Canal is in Egypt. However, he and the man he is talking to … Continue reading

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