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From The White House Website: A Day In The Life Of Obama

Crisis on the borders, terrorists seizing uranium, Iraq in flames, Israel under attack, the economy in tatters, and this is what the White House posted on its front page today: It should not take a rocket scientist to see that … Continue reading

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The Fifth Casualty Of Benghazi

(H/t Powerline) Related articles Democrat Elizabeth Warren Caught Fundraising Off Of Benghazi Pelosi: “Benghazi, Benghazi, Benghazi! Why aren’t we talking about something else?” Barack Obama’s good little #Benghazi minions. Clift: Ambassador killed in Benghazi attack wasn’t murdered-murdered, or something ‘Making … Continue reading

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It’s Not Just About Ousting Obama, And Never Was

Larry O’Connor makes a great point regarding the fixation many conservatives have on presidential politics: I hear it from half the callers on my talk radio shows. I read it in the comment sections of my favorite blogs. I see … Continue reading

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Ben Carson: White House Wanted Apology For “Offending” Obama

Last year, Ben Carson delivered a speech at the National Prayer Breakfast with the President sitting nearby. As I noted then, his speech was filled with biblical wisdom, and was a model for how to present a gentle, well-reasoned rebuke … Continue reading

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Robert Gates Against The World

Former US Secretary of Defense Robert Gates will be releasing his new book, Duty: Memoirs of a Secretary at War next week, and if advanced reports and excerpts are of any indication, he has little good to say about anyone … Continue reading

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New White House Push On Obamacare: “Give Your Mom Piece Of Mind”

This was Tweeted by the White House today (I’ve provided a screenshot so it can be preserved for posterity): The link is here. As noted on Powerline, if the Obama administration were made up of Republicans, they would be widely … Continue reading

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Obama Sends Out Riot Police To Protect US Capital From Domestic Terrorists

The riot police were out in force today protecting the US capital from domestic terrorism. To be sure, these terrorists were responsible for a great deal of violence and destruction of property in our nation’s capital, as some on Twitter … Continue reading

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