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Photo: Restaurant Serving Horse Meat, Xinjiang, China

This is in regards to my last post, “A Confession: I Love Horse“: The Four Season’s Peace Restaurant, serving Kazakh-style horse meat, in Shihezi, Xinjiang, China. Those were the days. (Note once again that no animals were abused or mistreated to … Continue reading

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A Confession: I Love Horse

For some reason, a post I wrote almost two years ago has suddenly gone viral. The post is called “Designer Makes Women’s High Heels From Horses’ Hooves” about Iris Schieferstein and her predilection for using animal parts in her designs for … Continue reading

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Top Ten Liked Posts For 2012

Many of the posts that got the most hits did so because of web searches. The people came, looked, and moved on leaving no comment or trace. Maybe they liked the post. Maybe not. While getting the most hits can … Continue reading

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Chinese Man, Fearing Mayan 2012 Apocalypse, Spends Life Savings Building Ark

Urumqi, Xinjiang, China is the farthest place in the world from any ocean or large body of water. However, a Chinese man, Lu Zhenghai, has spent his life savings building an ark in anticipation of the December 21, 2012 apocalypse … Continue reading

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Photo of the Day: Horses of the Tianshan, Xinjiang, China

You can see Sayram Lake in the background. This is from a scanned photo taken some years ago.

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Photo of the Day: Traffic Jam on the Karakoram Highway

The Karakoram Highway, connecting China and Pakistan, is the highest international highway in the world, with an average elevation of over 13,000 feet. Yet, in many places it can hardly be called a highway. When we were last there, we … Continue reading

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Tashkurgan, China: The Treacherous Road to School

These photos are real: Tashkurgan County is the farthest west county in Xinjiang, China’s farthest west province. High in the Pamir Mountains, Pili Village in Tashkurgan has only 80 schoolkids. The nearest school is 160 miles away, and they can … Continue reading

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